This blog will start up, hopefully on January 1, 2010.
We will be exploring, learning and perfecting talents, skills and techniques.
This blog will have myself as the main poster and my 6 daughters as the other possible posters.
I will post our reference material and were I found it. If you want to work with us, great, but please post your results (good or bad).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long Time No Type!

Hey!! I was getting a sad vibe from this blog. So I figured I'd post SOMETHING. Here's pics of some of my projects I've done in the past..I don't know..three months I guess?
The purple hat I made for my brother. The green and white hat I made for my sister. and the white thing is the cheesecake I made for Christmas. I wish I could tell you how the cheesecake tasted. But I never got to eat a piece....It's really not that hard, so I'll probably make another one. Except this time, I'll let the cream cheese soften up a little more.. :/
Anyways!! I'll try to post some more on here! I'm supposed to be starting home economics with the nieces soon. So hopefully I'll have some things to show you.

Peace out peeps!!
Abby ♥

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